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CSB Program

Our CSB Program is Sold Out and not accepting new members!  Thank you!
What is CSB?  Also known as a "Beer Share"!

CSB stands for “Community Supported Brewery” and is a mutually beneficial relationship between the customer and the brewery!  The CSB program is similar to our farm’s CSA program (Community Supported Agriculture), which we have featured since 2011.  As a CSB Member, you become a "shareholder" in the brewery's beer production for 1 year - meaning you get a year's supply of beer with your paid membership:

  • Growler Fills are pre-paid and included with your membership cost, at a discount to you.

  • Free Growler for members! You use this glass growler for your CSB growler fills here at the brewery.

  • Flexible membership plans to fit your budget & beer needs

  • Fill growlers anytime we’re open! 

Please note: Only a limited number of CSB Memberships, or "Beer Shares", are available each year.

Additionally, if there is a limited amount or low supply of any beer, growler fills may not be available on that particular beer at a given time (this does not happen often).

How does the CSB program work?

With your membership price, you receive a set number of growler fills on a punch card.  (A growler is a refillable glass jug designed for storing fresh tap beer).  You have 1 year to use all your fills/punch card, from your date of signup. With your CSB membership, we include a free growler for you!

You simply bring your growler(s) into our brewery and select which beer(s) you would like to take home in your growler (no limit on # of growler fills per visit, and we offer 11 of our beers on tap, provided you have enough empty growlers!).  We fill the growler for you, and make a note on your punch card.  You enjoy your beer, and come back when you’re ready for your next growler fill!  You can select which beer you’d like at each visit, all of our beers are included in your membership price.  Please note, if there is a very limited amount of any beer (for example, a very small experimental batch or a final keg that is almost empty), we may need to limit or restrict growler fills on that batch (this does not happen often). 

What beers are available?

Everything!  Our beers change week by week throughout the year, depending upon what we're brewing at that time.  We plan to always have at least 11 of our beers available on tap at all times.  We brew often, and in small batches, so our selection changes frequently.  To view the long list of all the beers we've brewed since we opened in 2016, click here.

Price & Details:

Sold Out, thanks!



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